Case Study

Good Code's Impact on Sevco's Cybersecurity Interface Transformation

Austin McDaniel
Jan 02, 2024
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Understanding Client's Initial State


Sevco, a promising cybersecurity start-up, faced a critical challenge - the absence of a user interface for their solid product. The challenges included lack of development resources both in volume and talent regarding the new product. This deficiency impacted their ability to showcase the product effectively, causing stress on the engineering team and hindering sales efforts.


The lack of a user interface added complexity to the product, making it challenging for customers to interact, it wasn’t “sexy” and was viewed as incomplete. This resulted in a less-than-optimal user experience, negatively affecting customer perception and hindering the achievement of long-term goals. Good Code’s team was able to turn this around.

Decision-Making Process

Factors Leading to Good Code

Sevco explored various solutions, including distributing front-end work among developers and engaging a prior UI designer. However, these approaches proved inefficient and disruptive. The decision to choose Good Code was influenced by positive team interviews, Good Code’s ability to understand the complexity of the cybersecurity industry from founder to user, a compatible business culture, and a thorough review of prior work, showcasing the creativity and alignment Sevco sought.

Complexity of the Work

Sevco was aware of the complexities involved in developing a cybersecurity UI/UX. Good Code's capabilities aligned with these complexities, ensuring a strategic match between the challenges faced by Sevco and the expertise offered by Good Code.

Implementation and Integration

Experience with Implementation

Sevco's experience with Good Code's implementation was positive. The team demonstrated a deep understanding of Sevco's needs and effectively translated the product's functionality into an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.


No notable challenges were reported during the implementation process, reflecting Good Code's ability to seamlessly integrate with Sevco's development team and workflow.

Easing the Burden

Simplifying Processes

Good Code's solution significantly eased Sevco's burden by providing a creative and efficient user interface. This eliminated the need for Sevco to handle the UI development internally, allowing them to focus on enhancing the platform's core capabilities.

Outcomes and Benefits

Efficiency and Cost Savings

The most significant benefits derived from Good Code were the efficiency and cost savings. Sevco experienced accelerated product development, enabling them to introduce capabilities faster than if they had attempted UI development internally.

Customer Response

Customers positively responded to the UI transformation, appreciating the seamless integration and the representation of Sevco's product. Modifications and updates were efficiently implemented, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

Impact on Efficiency

Good Code's work significantly improved Sevco's efficiency across all operations. The streamlined UI/UX development process allowed Sevco to maintain the speed and iteration of their platform internally while outsourcing the customer-facing interactions.

Client's Perspective on Value

Perceived Value

Sevco perceived immense value in Good Code's work, considering them a natural extension of their development team. The ability to confidently understand the product and to uniquely represent the visual aspect of the product while seamlessly integrating it into existing processes was deemed invaluable.


Good Code was recognized as a game-changer for Sevco's operations. The seamless collaboration and integration ensured that the visual representation of their product became a strong asset, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

“Good Code's expertise not only addressed Sevco's immediate challenges but also became an integral part of their development strategy, ultimately contributing to the success and positive transformation of our cybersecurity product.”

— Greg Fitzgerald, Sevco Co-Founder

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